Thursday, January 15, 2009

get out of the pool

i am not working today because i have a hair appointment. great excuse, right! ;) it's kind of a sad appointment because i'm having some major hair trouble. my bleached hair has been breaking off in giant chunks, and only on the top of my head. luckily i can style it in a way so that it's not noticeable, but i feel terrible about it because i'm used to having nice, soft, shiny hair. just my luck lately...

so i don't know what to do. i'd like to stay blond, but i don't want hair like a roll of hay in a field on a farm! i was growing my hair too, so now i might have to cut it super short again, dye it as close to natural as possible, and then just let it grow. maybe i can go blond again after i grow it to the style i want. what a bummer though. and super short hair in the winter... brrr. i better invest in some new scarves. actually i already have lots of scarves haha, i just said that for emphasis.

so that is this afternoon. i'm sure i will feel better when it's over. if not, i will just buy some paper lunch bags and wear one every day over my head. with eye and mouth holes cut out. my new "shtick" will be jumping out from behind corners and scaring people with my scary mask face. booga booga!

enough about that. oh, one more thing. i think that i am not being offered jobs because of my blond hair. and i don't think it's in my head either. i'm sure thinking that is not helping. the power of thought. but i really believe that as a platinum blond i'm being judged and not in a good way. i asked my bf about this last night. he usually tells it like it is, so i can trust his opinion to be on the ball, and he agrees with me. alright - back to brown... maybe.

now, i mean it. enough about that. this morning i went for a 40 minute swim but it was cut back to 30 minutes as i was kicked out of the pool. it wasn't that harsh. the security guard asked me to get out because the cleaners clean from 11am-noon. no big deal. when i started swimming today, i could really feel my ab muscles, which means that the pilates videos from yesterday had an effect. alright! i might go back to the gym later if i have time.

for those who asked about my HRM, i have the polar f4, in red. it's very cute and i'm happy with it.


Amanda said...

I understand your hair dilemma. I used to have a platinum blonde pixie cut. Just loved it. Had it for about six months and then decided to grow my hair. My stylist actually sat me down and told me that, if I was going to grow it, I could no longer bleach it. My hair just can't handle it. Sounds like yours can't either. I think only natural blondes can handle lightening it for a long period of time. Doesn't do as much damage, I guess.

Lex said...

Awwwh, I am sory to hear about your hair dilemma.
I don't dye my hair too often, so I can't even imagine what thats like, but I hope you find a solution that suits you and also gets your hair healthy again.

I would like to hope people aren't judging you based on your hair color. That is just terrible - we live in a day and age where that shouldn't happen. i like your boyfriends' honesty though.
We'll see what happens when you dye your hair darker.

Regardless, you're a cutie no matter if you're blonde, brunette, greene, pink, or bald! lol

Randi said...

Man sorry about the hair drama. I say, act all "brunette" for the interviews, then once you get a job, die it pink or something truly different. People won't get over stereotypes on their own I think. They need to get to know X colored hair/skin etc people and see what they're like. If all they've seen is movies or something then it's no wonder they judge. but it's a catch 22, because they judge first so they don't get to know these kinds of people so they can't get over it.

Sara said...

I can see where you are coming from with the hair - but you are in the publishing industry, they should love your blonde pixie!

re: the iron pills (sorry for taking forever) - definitely causes constipation, I was told to up my f&v and water intake. It has been okay but not great!

Lainey said...

I have the Polar F6 in green. Can you wear it in the pool? That would be pretty cool...

fittingbackin said...

Boo - i'm so sorry about the hair situation! You could always dye it back, then get the job and dye it platinum in a "haha gotcha!" kinda way. :) I agree with Lex though - it is terrible if people are judging you about it but unfortunately, at the end of the day a wise soul once told me that people suck.

Lame about the pool hours but AWESOME about the abs! Pilates does do some amazing stuff to your core!

THANK YOU for posting about the polar. It's so cute - i'm going to go look into getting one of my very own today!!