Monday, January 5, 2009

feeling fine in 09

a new year has began, and so begins a new plan, with new goals and aspirations, for a healthy lifestyle and personal achievements, etc., and blah blah blah. let's get right to it. here are my resolutions and a plan of action for '09.

1) i am going to ease up on myself. accept myself the way i am, no matter if my pants are too tight. life isn't about tight pants. if you are constantly thinking about your tight pants, you won't be able to enjoy life for what it is - a beautiful gift. of course, i am going to try my damn hardest to keep the pants fitting, but i may not weigh myself every friday anymore. i haven't put too much thought into this, but maybe once a month would be better for me at this point, just to make sure i'm on track. i just don't need the ups and downs that come with a small weight gain or loss. i'm not trying to lose a large or even a moderate amount of weight, so weighing in all the time seems unnecessary. i should probably add that i'm sure i gained a couple of pounds over the holidays, but my clothes (including my pants) still fit. i will survey the damage later this week after a few chocolate detox days.

2) my second goal is to enjoy exercise more, and not feel like it's a chore. i always love that post-workout feeling. i'm going to try and incorporate more activities that involve fitness and fun. i don't know what yet. my brain is still a little fuzzy from all the wine i consumed over the holidays. i'm going to set a cardio goal of 4 x 40 minutes or a total of 160 minutes per week. i hope my math is correct. that is very reasonable and a nice minimum goal. i'm sure some weeks i will do more. in terms of strength training i think i'm going to lay off the weights and focus more on yoga and pilates moves. i have tons of pilates dvds that i never use. why not start now? my goal will be to do two pilates/yoga videos per week. some are only 10 minutes, and some are longer (50 minutes).

3) my third goal is to get a damn job. in my field. i have started to consider applying for jobs not in my field, except wouldn't all my training be a waste? i have a university degree and a postgraduate degree from college. there is nothing wrong with being an office assistant, but could i be happy doing something like that if i'm not being challenged? the answer is no. i love my career and need to stick with it.

4) my fourth goal involves personal hobbies. for christmas my awesome boyfriend got me a yamaha keyboard including ABBA and the four seasons songbooks, so my new hobby is learning to play piano. i can play a bit already. in university i lived with a pianist, and bought myself an intro piano book, and practiced all the time. it's really a lot of fun. i would also like to continue sewing, reading, and start writing a bit more.

i think that's about it... for now. if i think of anything else i'll add to the list... don't want to overwhelm myself ;) and now... i have a date with my google reader.

EDIT: i just thought of my 5th goal. i am going to learn how to make my own sushi! YEEHA!


Jen said...

Those are some FANTASTIC goals!!! I LOVE when it's not like #1 lose weight, #2 exercise more, #3 hide under a rock if these 2 don't work out.

Personally, I NEED to have weight loss as a goal, but someone who is on maintenance, it's definitely good to not let it control your life!!!

I also love that you are going to learn the keyboard! how fantastic is that????

fittingbackin said...

I love your goals! I think they're great and can't wait to be in a place where I feel like I could do #! :) Hope to hear more about your piano adventures - taking up a new instrument will be so fun! And when you figure out the sushi thing - definitely share - how fun!!

Sara said...

I love your goals! I think the #1 goal is just perfect for you! I think it is a great idea for you to use your dvds you own already too!! I really hope you get a job in your field too!

I love the piano! That is so much fun!!

Here's to a great 2009!

SeaBreeze said...

Making sushi from scratch is a lot of fun. I do recommend starting with something simple like Yam Tempura Rolls or Veggie rolls because it can be difficult to keep them tight when you're learning.

Vanessa said...

Sushi making is easy, and so fun! :D

Love the goals.

Lex said...

Awesome goals, girl!! Great way to kick start 09!

I gave a friend this sushi book & from chapters which you may want to look into. I can't really say if it's good or not, but hey, it's a start!

Randi said...

Oh I love your goals. All are so doable, but at the same time, a litle challenging and not exactly comfortable (learning piano on your own is wonderful! good for you!) This was a really uplifting post for some reason, just put a smile on my face!