Thursday, January 22, 2009


i should feel really tired today, but i don't. last night was wednesday date night and by wednesday date night i mean my bf and i just hang out, either at my place or his place, depending on who is lazier and does not want to travel. he has a lot going on this week so i went to his apartment, but i was feeling pretty lazy myself and decided to drive instead of taking the transit.

since i drove i had to move my car off the main street (aka go home) before 7am or risk a ticket and towing. this morning i left at 6:50 and saw the tow truck waiting to attack innocent sleepies so i know they mean business. i've had my car towed before - not a fun time.

the point is, i should be tired and i am not. when i got home i did two 20-minute pilates videos. the first:

windsor pilates ab sculpting!

and the second, windsor pilates bun and thigh scultping!

both videos are rad, because they are only 20 minutes long but quite effective. i tried my best not to stop with ab and bum exhaustion during the sets but it was hard. and 20 minutes is just long enough to feel some major burn, but not too long where it becomes boring.

my only problem with these pilates videos is my horrible lack of flexibility. i cannot lay on my back and put my legs straight up in the air at a 90 degree angle. it is not happening. likewise, i can hardly sit up straight with my legs straight in front of me. when sitting in that position, i definitely can't reach toward my toes! maybe 1-5 cms! the women on the screen are reaching their toes, chest resting on their thighs. ha! not in my lifetime. i know this is due to my very poor hamstring flexibility. maybe if i keep doing the videos i will improve. i should do a yoga video for this.

in other news, i am wearing the pants today. they are actually incredibly comfortable when i am sitting down. when i stand up they are a little tight in the waist. i say waist but they are so low cut i mean hips, and since they are around my hipbones and not waist, it's just a bit annoying not painful. they are already stretching and feeling better. and they fit so well everywhere else. AND the jean material feels like a dream. like buttery jean velvet. with stretch. i can't stop touching them.

today i am working in the burbs. i am going shopping afterwards. i have a giftcard to la senza from christmas and am in desperate need of undergarments. i might do some biking in the condo gym (because i can read while i do it) but i'll probably just crash instead.


Vanessa said...

Too funny that the tow trucks were ready and waiting! Good thing you were up early :)

Jen said...

that's great that the jeans fit when you are sitting down!! That is my true test! They will probably work themselves in soon!! I am such a "toucher" when I have a good facial or something (or a really good hair day where it's super soft) I will touch it all day long...then I just look weird like I am petting my face or something...

And as per your previous post, good for you for getting resumes out there!!! I hope something in your field opens up for you soon!

Lex said...

OMG I have the SAME videos, and i have the SAME Problems with the 90 degree leg lift. it looks SO easy on the video, but it's killer!!!

Crystal said...

That's crazy that the tow trucks were actually counting down the minutes until they could start towing away.

Nice job with the workouts. I'm impressed you did two-I would have made it through one and then would have been sidetracked by something shiny before getting to #2.

fittingbackin said...

OMG - I love/have those DVDs! I used to do them all the time, but I memorized the ab one so I can do it at the gym to my own music. My favorite is the astronaut! haha yes - those teasers are crazy!! Especially when you're in 'the v' and you just bring your legs down 3 times or whatever. I think they're awesome DVDs and definitely give you nice burn!!

fittingbackin said...

Just saw Lex's comment and feel like a copycat - eek - I swear I wrote without looking! hehe

Carolyn said...

I really have noticed improved flexibility since starting yoga so watch your progress, you just might see a big change! (but seriously...who can actually rest thier chest on their thighs?!?!!)

Glad you love the jeans, we need to see a pic of them!

Healthy Hunter said...

I can relate to your comments on flexibility. I envy all of the pro yoga/pilates bloggers out there! I took a few private pilates sessions and finally signed up for cheaper group classes. We'll see how it goes! Great blog by the way :)