Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the worst weather

wow. the weather was really bad yesterday and more of it is expected today. cold, windy, raining, SNOWING. yelch! and driving is especially terrible, especially when one lane of the onramp of my second highway is closed for the foreseeable future. i'm complaining carol, i apologize.

i've been really busy lately. so busy, in fact, that i have to schedule time for things like "ironing" and "running the dishwasher." i have a lot of creative work to do - for work and for groups i joined in my personal life. and i want to keep up with swimming and my new strength training routine and be sleeping by 11pm every night. (i have to wake up at 6:15 - that's why i have to go to bed early.)

on sunday night i managed to turn off the lights at 11:23pm. pretty good considering the sunday morning sleep in and feeling a bit more energetic. i've started sleeping with my bedroom window open - i've turned off the heat but it's still hot in my condo apartment and if i don't open the window i wake up in a hot/cold sweat. so the window is open, and suddenly i hear people talking. who is talking? is someone on my balcony? i look at the clock. it's 3:15am. three fifteen people! my very new neighbour (we share a balcony split by a glass wall) is having some sort of wacky patio party. gahhhhhhh! who has friends over until 3:15am on a sunday night?! nothing good can come of this! nothing!

anyway, enough complaining carol. yesterday after work i came home and went swimming. i really didn't want to but i pushed through. my leg/bum muscles are sore from sunday's workout, but way less so than before. i have some nice muscle soreness in the middle of my back from doing the seated cable row. the trick is to squeeze your back muscles together every time you pull back. this man is happier when his arms are straight. me too buddy, me too. i am going to the work gym today at lunch for another strength training workout.

one more thing. i'm in a cardio rut. i am so sick of swimming. i've been doing it for so many months, it's boring to me now, my arms are way too buff for their own good, it's not challenging, etc. maybe i should just start running again. maybe i'm just terrified of the bum pain but it's something that can be worked through. maybe i'm so scared of the pain that it's only in my head - the fear that it might return i mean ... i am going to think about it. i will post my decision, when i decide of course. biggest loser tonight - i haven't watched in weeks. good thing i scheduled my ironing for tonight ;)

ps. did anyone notice that balcony party picture is a "pimpz n hoz" party - free beer woohoo!


Shirls said...

ok, I have to say your neighbour is just rude! 3:15 on a Sunday morning??? WTF?

I can't believe your bedtime and your wake up time and that you think its an early bedtime! that cracks me up! LOL I go to bed at 9:30 to wake up at 6:05, LOL and I'm just functioning with that much sleep.

I wish I could get into swimming, I struggle with it so much, I get all ready and I can at most only swim 12-15 minutes and it seems like such a waste of time to get all ready for the pool, then out of the pool, dried etc for that amount of cardio when instead I could run, elliptical or bike for much longer.. I need to get swimming inspired *sigh*

Shirls said...

opps I meant I wake up at 5:05am not 6:05...

Amanda said...

LOL. I was trying to figure out what was going on that diagram - I thought it was two men. Good thing you explained! ;)

The weather sucks! I was drenched on my way in yesterday. My gloves were still wet this morning. What happened to spring?

My old neighbour used to have people over at all hours of the night - weekdays, weekends, didn't matter. It was extremely annoying. I ended up turning into the crazy neighbour who bangs on the door at 4am.

Vanessa said...

I am soooo sick of the snow! Time for spring already! =)

I hate neighbors who are jerks.

Kud said...

yea 3:15 is really rude. And you're not even in a college dorm, where things start winding down by 3am. That's when all the drunkards start stumbling towards their rooms, passing out naked and vomitting on the dorm room corners.

Do something fun like dancing or yoga or running. It is time for a switch.

And I love cold rain when I'm inside my nice warm bedroom. Otherwise, like you I prefer warm summer rain.

Crystal said...

I think that's a pretty good sleep schedule. I try to be in bed between 11 and 11:30 so I can force myself up at 6ish.

It's no fun when those ruts happen but you'll find some other cardio idea you like. Maybe just switching up the routine a bit will help out.