Thursday, April 2, 2009

my new weight training routine

1) so yesterday, on wednesday, i went down to the gym at work and began my new weight training routine.

2) today i can't walk.

3) not joking.

4) my arms don't hurt at all, but that's because i swim all the time and use my arms for resistance. my legs however - i never work them at all.

5) i was going to do the routine again tomorrow, but since i'm having trouble sitting and standing, perhaps i should take it easy instead. maybe i'll go and do some cardio, and some arms, back and abs. hmmmmm.

so here's what I'm doing:

1) squats with weight (bum and quads)

2) deadlifts (quads, bum, hamstrings, lower back)

3) walking lunges with weight (upper leg, bum)

4) leg press (quads, hamstrings, bum)

5) chest press (pectoral chest muscles)

6) overhead press (shoulders)

7) cable row (back, forearms)

8) biceps curls (biceps)

9) triceps pushdown (triceps)

10) lat pulldown (back)

11) various ab exercises

That's about it - tomorrow morning is my weigh in day (which unfortunately I have to do) and I really don't feel any thinner. in fact, it might be the opposite ... even though i've been tracking and counting. actually i say that but now that i think about it i've been cutting corners ... like adding 1/4 cup of all bran to my oatmeal because it's 0 points ... that sort of thing. we'll see tomorrow.


Julie said...

Oh boy, do I relate. I've just started a weight training routine too, mostly because I've developed achilles tendonitis and can't go for my usual runs for a while, so I'm using the weights instead.

I've been so sore for the last couple of days, every move is painful. Just reaching for the box of cereal on the top shelf is torture.

Do keep it up--muscles "learn" very quickly. And don't forget to stretch afterwards...

Bi0nicw0man said...

You and I work out in such similar ways. That is really close to my full-body workout, although I still haven't figured out the proper form for deadlifts!

Try doing a lighter version tomorrow (ie: lunges and squats minus the weights or using a ball for support). It will get your body used to your new plan.

Good luck honey!

Fatinah said...

you should rest your muscles for a day, you will be sorer the next day - at least I always am!!

sounds like a kick ass weight program - awesome work!!

Vanessa said...

Looks like a good workout!

Shirls said...

I find that after a great day with the weights my weight on the scale bumps up a bit, apparently muscle retains water as part of the recovery process so don't get freaked if its a bit up tomorrow..

that sounds like a great workout you had, I love pushing myself and feeling it, but there is fine line between feeling it and not being able to get another workout in, for some reason I can never get it just right...

Sarah said...

Uggh I hate starting new weights routines! The first day is torture!! Hopefully you're feeling better quick!

Randi said...

Man I LOVE starting a new routine. I love feeling so sore everything hurts (in a good way like that, not like joints and stuff). Is that the order you did your workout? You get a more efficient workouts if you switch between an upper body and lower body workout. It might make you less sore.

But it does sound like you're doing a lot of great exercises! Don't be worried about a gain tomorrow, sore muscles retain water and are "puffy".

Angie All The Way said...

I've neglected weight training for far too long and am determined to get a good program at home in action this weekend! It feels good to feel sore when it's from hard work :-)

Crystal said...

Um, OUCH! I can't walk just reading about your routine. Kick ass girl!

It is much easier to work the arm muscles in the pool than the legs. I do lots of laps kicking with my kickboard to work those babies a bit harder. Otherwise, I feel like my arms are always being punished.

Hope the weigh-in was successful!

Jen said...

That sounds like a fantastic workout plan!!!!!

No doubt you aren't walking good!!! I would be in pain as well!!! - THough I LOVE when my glutes are sore...seriously....