Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i am feeling really overwhelmed right now.

1) work is VERY busy. so busy that i'll be working at home tonight and probably another night (if i can find one!) this week.

2) diet and exercise ... ah, i don't know. there was an incident with reeces eggs on the weekend. this week (starting yesterday) i am one with the protein and trying my best to avoid carbohydrates. i know it's not that balanced but it's only for a few days and it works for my body. i went for a 5k run on saturday ... no bum pain!

3) i joined this group outside of work and my normal friends, in order to meet new people and step outside my own comfort box. i'm sort of regretting it because i HATE it when i don't have any personal time. i don't like having to be somewhere after work (other than home). thankfully there is only about a month left. the people are nice and it's fun, but too much, especially now that i have real work to do at home.

4) once again, my apartment is a mess. i'll try to do a speed clean tonight between working. why can't i just be a lady of leisure and have lots of money too? then i could pay people to do things for me.

5) i am trying so hard not to snack. well, not trying not to, i'm just not doing it. my snacking lately has been out of control and i'm sure that's why i was putting on weight. stressed at work? eat something. home from work? eat something. any other situation? eat something. it doesn't matter that i choose healthy options like fat free yogurt and berries. too much eating that wasn't part of a regularly scheduled meal. it's really tough. i'm hoping my stomach is shrinking from the lack of snacking!

6) the end. sorry i'm grumpy. i'm just stressed (and it's t.o.m.) yelch!


Lainey said...

I'm a "lady of leisure," and I still have trouble cleaning! Although having a lot of money might help...but then there's still the clutter that no one can fix but the person who owns it. You've just inspired me to do a 5-minute clean of a "hot spot" (I'm a Flybaby) in my living room! LOL!

Jen said...

Wow, you are one busy lady!!!!

I NEVER make time for cleaning!!! My mom has offered to get a cleaner for me, but that just makes me feel LAZY!!!!

that's good that you branched out to meet new people, but that's tough to have so much to do!!!!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I know what you mean about 'clubs' and things like that. I'm not antisocial - but I hate HAVING to be somewhere after work/on the weekend, whatever. I like doing things because I want to, not because I signed of for a scheduled event.. ESPECIALLY with people I don't really know - I think I'm just too moody for that kind of thing!! haha.

p.s. I deleted this then reposted because I made a typo, but it was the kind of typo that made the comment make absolutely no sense.. :)

cinemarie said...

I completely relate to what you are talking about here - I feel like it's me writing!!! I need time to myself when I come home from work, I hate having to go out!
Happy to see I'm not alone :)

Work is very overwhelming these days on my end too - I constantly have to remind myself to take it one day at a time, one thing at a time even... Take a moment during the day to do nothing but breathe deeply for a few minutes - it sounds silly but it works:)

I've also been struggling with eating - I would say - too often. Yes it's 'healthy stuff' most of the time, but too much is too much... I've started to plan a day ahead what I'm going to eat and snack on... Giving myself a loose schedule for what I eat when... So far it's working well for me!

Hang in there! Less stressful times are coming I'm sure :)

Erin said...

I hate it when I have no down time to myself, but I agree with you that it is good to meet new and different people. I am the worst for snacking lately!

Krista "Phoenix" said...

I SO agree, making new friends and doing new activities is fun, but having some solo downtime is SO crucial to your personal well being!

Here's hoping you find a chance to steal some time for yourself in the near future! :)

~ btw, great blog! I've bookmarked you and will be swinging by more often! :)

Kudret said...

I know how sometimes it feels like social events are more of a chore than what they're worth. But just get out of this slump and I"m sure life will seem a lot more manageable!

fittingbackin said...

oh no - feeling overwhelmed combined with TOM? boo! I hope things calm down for you soon!! (p.s. laughed out loud at your reese's egg "incident" haha you're funny)

Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

my house is also a mess -- if it makes you feel any better! ;)