Friday, April 24, 2009

pre-scheduled post

i love pre-scheduled posts. this week has turned from sour to sweeeeeeet! i think it was my crazy woman hormones making me looney tunes. it's tough being a woman - men just don't understand.

work is busy - on wednesday (and until today) i was sent to help with a food photo shoot for an upcoming cookbook. (if you didn't know i work in publishing). food styling and food photography is SUCH an interesting process, and i feel SO LUCKY that i get to experience it. there is a photographer, her assistants, graphic designers and a food stylist, who does all of the cooking and prepping. there are so many decisions to make - how to make the food look appealing, what bowl or plate to use, utensils, linens, tabletops, background glasses, etc. so much goes into making the shot PERFECT. so interesting. and being around food all day is awesome as well. unfortunately most of the time you can't eat the finished product - because it's been touched and prodded and moved around. but sometimes you can (or so i've heard).

anyway. weight is stable, down a little. my happy weight is about 3-5 pounds lighter. feeling happy and relaxed though. sun is shining (at least that is the forecast!) and today is friday WAHOO! no big plans for the weekend except a party at my bf's on saturday. i bought him new patio lights - rope lights like this to wind around the fence on his deck:

they look like they can withstand weather, right? oh boy. i am planning on a morning swim today (friday) and a saturday 5k run. sunday hopefully another swim? i have book club and we read the cellist of sarajevo. it was okay but i probably wouldn't recommend it because i found the plot to be a little repetitive. i kind of feel like a jerk because the subject matter of the book is quite intense. sorry - that's my opinion and i'm sticking to it.

have a great weekend :)


Vanessa said...

Food photo shoot sounds like so much fun!

I have a rope light like that. I am totally going to string it up on my patio next time I have a shindig. :D

cinemarie said...

wow - that sounds really cool. Talk about a cool job!! :)
Glad you are feeling better! Have a fun and sunny weekend!! :)

Crystal said...

Cool lights! We have something similar roped around our patio/pool area and it totally rocks!

Glad the photo shoot went well!

Jen said...

So glad that your week turned out better!!!!!

I think that photo shoot sounds like a blast!!!! Though I have heard about some of the things they do to the food to make it more camera friendly - that would make me not want to eat it!

I think those rope lights are perfect!

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