Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Plateau No!

I'm not counting points this week? Why? You might ask. Because. Because I've been counting points for the last bazillion weeks and I think I've reached some sort of plateau. I don't really want to lose much more weight. Maybe 2-5 pounds. That isn't much. I'm going to Las Vegas on Friday so I'm stepping up my game this week. When I come back, I'll go back to counting points.

This is my game plan:

Swimming in the morning - some other form of gym cardio in the evening.

oatmeal with fruit

spinach salad with carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes and a can of tuna

2 ryevita crackers with peanut butter spread

lean meat (chicken or fish)
asparagus or other veg.

Post-gym snack:

There you have it. I'm looking to tone up a little and reduce bloating before the end of the week - so I'm eating lots of veggies and drastically reducing my salt intake. Normally I really load it on - but this week, nothing. I'm squirting lemons on my veggies at night and it's pretty tasty. Wish me luck!

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Sara said...

Good Luck!!! Hopefully this will break it!