Monday, July 16, 2007

Lazy Monday

I am really tired today. Yesterday I went to Canada's Wonderland and ate a funnel cake. Not the entire thing, but almost. It was pretty delicious! I didn't weigh myself this morning because I didn't want to start the day off on a bad note. But my clothes are fitting the same, so I probably have nothing to worry about.

chocobran (1)
source yogurt (1)

cheerios (2)
light silk soy (1)
blueberries (0.5)

2 rye crackers (1)

I am saving a lot of points for going out for dinner tonight - I don't know where I'm going so it's hard to plan for points!


Sara said...

We had heard about the afterparty but decided not to check it out (we've seen the alexis boys at bars and conerts all the time) but did anyone show up? It was a great show though huh?

Joshua said...
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eurydice said...

It was just a dance party - with hardly any people! I wanted to dance but the vibes were weird with so few people. And no one from the bands were there... I think. I don't know what the members of AOF look like haha. I went to the dance cave anyway and boogied.