Wednesday, June 10, 2009

toronto, running, swimming, i found money

wow i'm losing followers. i felt a little pang of sadness but it's over now.

another quick list:

1) my potato salad recipe for the potluck turned out pretty well. everyone enjoyed it thoroughly! it was more work than i thought because i had to boil eggs and potatoes first and cool them before even starting. it's fun to separate the yolk from the white in cooled hard boiled eggs. the yolks look so funny. like little shiny orange fun balls. there was so much yummy food at the potluck ... it can all be yours in the fall for the low low price of ... um ... i don't know yet!

2) this morning i woke up super early (5:20 am) and ran four miles. i have to be at work at 8 am and i commute so i have to leave at 7:20 am and i have to shower after a run (obviously ... don't want to stink) and realistically i need 20 minutes or so after waking up to get dressed and ready to run. it was hard to wake up and i really thought about going back to sleep but once i got moving it was fine AND the city was cool and empty! AND i found a loonie and a tcc token (toronto transit $2.75) my lucky day. i went to bed last night at 10 pm to prepare for this big event.

3) last night i went swimming. at first i didn't want to, even when i got into the pool. but then i thought to myself - remember when you loved swimming? where did the love go? and i realized my problem was (and is) that i'm always trying to squish a workout in, instead of enjoying myself. so i said NO RUSH, slowed it down, and really had a great swim. i hate feeling like i have to do this, got to do it right now, right now before my next pressing activity! i need to calm down. after my swim i showered and had a steam in the change room - very luxurious. i am pretty luck to have a pool and a steam room in my building!

4) tonight is date night. we are watching canada's next top model and make me a supermodel which i taped last night. i am also lucky my "main squeeze" likes watching model shows with me.

5) good places to shop in toronto:

number one: queen street west (if you start at yonge and queen - the bay at eaton centre) go west past bay and it's awesome store heaven. and you'll get to see city tv/muchmusic building which could be cool if you've never seen it. speaker's corner is also there. good shopping goes a bit past spadina road - there is an urban outfitters and american apparel and then it dies out before bathurst street.

number two: yorkville (yonge and bloor) go up yonge to bloor and walk west on bloor - the shopping here is amazing! there is holt renfrew which carries top designers, on bloor street there is a tiffanys, a louie vuitton, a chanel... etc. obviously i don't shop there but it's nice to look. go all the way to avenue (where the royal ontario museum is) and turn north because one block up on your right is ... whole foods market! yippee! there is an awesome cheap but nice restaurant called hemingways here.

number three: kensington market, this place is a world in it's own. i love it.


Amanda said...

Good on you for getting up to run! I've always wanted to be someone that could do that, but have never been able to make it happen.

I would extend the Queen St. recommendation to at least Trinity-Bellwoods. There are so many great stores between Bathurst and Strachan! Even if for Girl Friday alone. Oh, and Heel Boy. And Charlie. And Balisi. They do tend to be pricey, but so worth it.

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Good job on the swimming and running. I want a pool.

Thanks for the shopping notes! I have this crazy feeling that our touristy Friday may get sidetracked by some shopping...hehe. :)

Jen said...

You didn't lose me!!!!

Orange balls of fun!!! I Love it!!!

I SOOOOOOOOO want to go into Louis Vuitton and Chanel!!!! SERIOUSLY badly!!!!!! I won't buy anything (maybe!) but I would love to look around and not get kicked out!

I agree with Jaime, I get easily sidetracked!!!


fittingbackin said...

You are VERY lucky to have someone to watch those with! I view alone...

Glad you got in a good swim - I know what you mean about squishing it in... hard to enjoy it when you're punching a clock!

Lex said...

Wow, I am impressed with the early morning running! I am too much of a sleepyhead and crankypants in the morning to do any exercising.
one day.. one day...

Anne said...

Awesome workouts! I have to watch top model alone. haha! Enjoy the show!

Steam Rooms, Saunas, Hot Tubs said...

You are lucky to have a steam room in your building. :) We have many customers who wouldn't trade their home steam rooms or saunas for anything.

Anonymous said...

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