Thursday, June 25, 2009


i scheduled yesterday's post to come out of the blog vault at 1:40 pm, and it didn't work. i wondered why no one was commenting! dammit! and now this one didn't post either.

yesterday i went swimming. it was pretty good. my bf came over for date night and he brought some food his mom had given to him so we had a mishmash for dinner. some lasagna and some sausages with peas and potatoes. i added beans to the mix. it was all right. i really appreciated it more when i realized i only had our dinner plates as dishes to wash. and by wash i mean put in the dishwasher. and by that i mean i'll do that tonight.

today i am scheduled for a run, but it's supposed to rain. options: a) go running in the rain - hardcore! b) run on the treadmill inside. i think i'd rather go outside and get soaked. i LOATHE running on the treadmill. it makes me so hot and bothered and i mean sweaty and actually bothered as in "this is the worst" - not to mention it's boring and there is nothing to look at except once in a while the condo maintenance guy comes and throws something in the outdoor trash. boring! sorry condo man, but you are a dullard.

i am excited because tomorrow i am meeting a friend for lunch - guess where?

wow, i'm jealous of myself. did you know they have these in ontario now? well, two or three of them - but one is close enough to my work. i have seen lots of US bloggers visiting panera bread and receiving gift cards and enjoying sandwiches and soups and i longed for that to be me. alas, my dreams are finally coming true! what shall i order? i will have to peruse the online menu tomorrow morning. ooooh i can't wait.


Lex said...

Ooohhh how I miss swimming! sooo much fun - I totally took my pool in my old place for granted!!

Def go running in the rain... YOU ARE HARDCORE!!! hehe It is WAY better than the treadmill!!

Angie All The Way said...

it has been AGES since I've run on a treadmill. It's like I can't "go back" after doing it for "real" outside! I feel ya girl.

I love running in the rain!

Anonymous said...

OMG there are Paneras in Ontario? Why did I have to move away!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

I am not looking forward to running inside this winter. At least my school has an indoor track so I can do that instead of the dreadmill. Oooh, dreadmill - I am original. :P

jennifer said...

hi! i wanted you to know that i've returned to the blogging world! i'm adding you to my link list, and i was wondering if you'd do the same for me! leave me a comment if you do, it would be nice to know who reads my new blog :)

my address is:

- thanks!

SeaBreeze said...

Have you tried using hootsuite to pre-write your entries? That is what I used for my twitter updates and it works GREAT. Just a suggestion.

Tiffa said...

My advice is to run in the rain! You never know what race day conditions will be like. Unless it's EXTREME weather... like torrential downpours, -30, or +30 or a high high humidex or windchill I try to get out there because then I am prepared for most of what Mother Nature will throw my way on race day!