Thursday, June 11, 2009


i love thursdays because it's a day when i get everything ready for the weekend. i think tonight i will go running, even though i did it yesterday. i feel like i didn't because i did it so early in the morning it might as well have been the day before.

last night before my bf came over i did some vacuuming and cleaning. i washed the kitchen floor because it was getting out of control ... one too many spills that were hastily wiped up. and then of course last night making dinner i was dropping everything in sight. we had one of those lean cuisine pasta dishes for two, some garlic bread made on whole wheat mini ciabatta buns (drool) and salads. i taped canada's next top model and i thought i taped so you want to be a supermodel but really i taped that show about that horrible new york woman finding love ... again. i fast forwarded in hopes that my mistake was an illusion and pushed play right at a part where new york's mother was interviewing a "little person" who wanted to date her daughter. come on people. i had to look up the term "little person" to make sure it was the politically correct way of saying it. anyway ... who in their right mind watches this show? i would rather lick a toilet. my bf thought it was so funny and kept saying i taped in on purpose to watch later. not true!

this post is losing focus. running tonight ... i think.

tomorrow is game 7 of hockey and i'm watching it ... oh yes. sidney crosby don't let me down. we are having chicken wings and bud light lime beer. i need some things to serve with the wings. i am thinking carrots, zucchini and baby tomatoes, and little whole wheat pita wedges, both served with hummus and fat-free sour cream dip. that should be enough ... there are only two of us.

i'm also looking forward to saturday because i am meeting all of the toronto-bound blog girls for dinner. FUN TIMES oh yah!


cinemarie said...

Right, you didn't record it 'on purpose', hmmm ;) It's always so disappointing to look forward to watch sometime you recorded and it's not really there... What do you think of CNTM so far? :)

wheee! :) Looking forward to meet you on Saturday, it's going to be a fun gathering:)

Lainey said...

I've never heard of the show you described...I guess I should be glad.

I hardly ever watch TV in the summer. I used to cancel my cable for the summer, before I got married (my husband is a TV addict, I think).

Sarah said...

OMG isn't the Bud Light Lime beer fantastic! I had one last weekend and loved it!

Julie said...

"i would rather lick a toilet." Ha! Expresses exactly how I feel about those types of shows.

Really wish I could join in the fun Saturday night. :o(

P.O.M. said...

That show is just rediculous. How on earth does she keep coming back?

Have fun at your blogger meet up! I've done it once or twice - it's cool. A bit awkward at first because you're meeting strangers that know things about you. It's funny.

P.O.M. said...

OOps, I spelled 'ridiculous' wrong.

Amy said...

It was sooo wonderful to meet you!

I just wanted to kiss your whole face, you are as cute as a button! :)