Friday, June 19, 2009

no post yesterday

yesterday was sort of productive. it was my three month workaversary so i now i have benefits - good ones too! at lunch i went to "no frills" to purchase food for my birthday party on saturday ... $105 later! what did i get?

pop bottles (diet coke, club soda, diet grapefruit, diet ginger ale)
water bottles (for drunkards)
chips (regular ruffles, ketchup, roasted chicken, smoky bbq, honey mustard party mix)
crackers (three different kinds)
cheese (cheddar and marble)
hummus dip
roasted red pepper dip
asiago cheese and artichoke dip
celery (bleh)
baby tomatoes
white bread for sandwiches
summer sausage meat
lean deli chicken
marble cheese sandwich slices
miracle whip light
green onions (for egg salad sandwiches)
pc memories of kobe meatballs
reisen chocolate caramels

that is a lot of party food, considering i already have a lot of candy at home. i also bought:

strawberries for me
blueberries for me
chipotle chicken burgers (only 120 calories - pc blue menu) for me
toilet paper (i guess that's for everyone)

it certainly adds up! when i got home from work i brought all that food upstairs and set out on a run. i was feeling kind of porky and i had lots of energy so i ran for 6 miles, all around the town. it's so easy to run downtown because there are so many people and stores to look at. the first part of my run is a little ghetto, then it's all good. i ran past the citytv building where workers were busy setting up the stages for the muchmusic awards this sunday. i'm glad i don't live in that area - it would be a madhouse of screaming jonas brothers fans.

after my run, i boiled fifteen eggs and eighteen mini potatoes. the potatoes and nine of the eggs are for the potato salad i'm bringing to my boyfriend's staff party tonight (i am remaking the clean eating potato salad from the upcoming cookbook that i made a few weeks ago for the work potluck) and the rest of the eggs are for egg salad sandwiches for the party. last year they were the first sandwiches to get eaten which surprised me. i put a bit of curry in the mix so they are special. actually my sister has mentioned them to me about fifty times over the last year so i think she ate them all. this year i am making more so there is enough for all.

after cooking, i cleaned my den. it's kind of a den/storage room, but that doesn't work for party time. i have giant items from costco in there just hanging around - like twenty rolls of bounty paper towels and a value pack of feminine products. yah ... let's hide those items!

today is also busy. at lunch i am going to my mom's office to pick up her famous chocolate chip cookies for the party. isn't she nice to make them for me. she thinks i tell everyone i made them and take all the credit but i swear i don't. i don't want people begging me to make cookies! that happens to my mom ... the neighbours come over and ask. really people! i also have to hit up the LCBO - i don't want to look at that receipt! i'll just read the brail on the interac pinpad and shut my eyes.

after work i have to rush home, quickly put together the potato salad, and jump on the bus to my bf's house. the party starts "right after school." tomorrow will be a day of baking cake, mad cleaning, chopping, assembling, distributing, blowing (balloons people!) decorating, etc. my actual birthday was pretty awesome. my boyfriend gave me roses, wine, made me pad thai (my favorite), gave me ice cream cone cake that his mom made, and gave me a beautiful shirt and an awesome necklace. (see photo below.) he also got me one more awesome gift but i'll tell you about it next week because it deserves it's own post. suspense! anyway, time for work. i am writing this post in advance and the clock is tick tocking! thanks for your birthday wishes everyone. the birthday week continues bwa ha ha.


Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Have fun at your par-tay!

If I had to deal with a madhouse of screaming jonas brothers fans I would flip...

Randi said...

Hurray for birthday WEEK! Have a great party! I'm making egg salad when I get home tonight.

Jen said...

AW GORGEOUSNESS!!!!! I can't wait to hear about your other gift! *SUSPENSE*

Okay, random things to comment on:

Holy Hannah that is a lot of food!

I love Roast Chicken chips

I laughed at your bleching of Celery (remember, just dip it in a caesar!)

Um...yay for ice cream cone cake!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Your man has himself some good taste! (in women and gifts!)

Your party sounds fabulous. If only it was a week earlier, you would have had an apartment full of blog girls crashing. :)

Have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at your partys, sounds like you've got the food all taken care of for sure!!

Those Blue Menu burgers sound awesome, going to have to check them out.

Lainey said...

Pretty top and necklace! Happy birthday week (I can't remember if I wished you a happy birthday or not)!

Angie All The Way said...

Holy smokes! That all sounds so fun! Your necklace is beautiful and I love the pic you took ;-)

I think egg sammies will be on the list for my friend's baby shower I'm throwing her. People tend not to make them at home for themselves, but everyone loves them! What do you put in yours besides curry? just some mayo?

Have fun! Or I hope you HAD fun, whichever one it is ;-)

meredi said...

Love the necklace! Hope your party goes well -- sounds like you've got an awesome lineup of food.

I don't live near CityTV, but I do have to deal with the fallout on the Queen streetcar, BLEAGH. Last year we waited a *really* long time for one MMVA night. Friggin' annoying!

Anyway, have fun at your party!

tash said...

have a fantastic party! I love the necklace and the shirt!

Cat_82 said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful! I want to come to your party!!!

P.O.M. said...

Happy belated birthday day. I love the shirt - so cute!! Sounds like a great party you're going to have.

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