Monday, May 25, 2009

this week the plan

my weekend was great but of course it went by way too quickly. i have another busy week this week (what a surprise!) so i have to schedule my workouts and extra curricular activities in advance.

monday: 40 minutes of swimming/extra work to do at home

tuesday: 5-mile run/acting group rehearsal

wednesday: nothing/acting group performance, yikes

thursday: 5-mile run/regularly scheduled thursday apartment cleaning

friday: probably nothing, maybe swimming ... that's a big phat maybe/relaxing with boyfriend

saturday: 5-mile run/helping a friend move/boyfriend's bro's birthday party

i think it's manageable. on saturday my boyfriend rode his bike beside me while i ran and it was so much fun (for me, he complained about going slow). for some reason i was running really slow. i don't know why! maybe to maintain a conversation. i was not going any faster than a ten-minute-mile and usually i am between 8.5 and 9.5 minute miles. we did make some stops. we went from my house to his house, and then to kensington market, and then back to my house. having a garmin is so rad. i took POMs suggestion and put a sweat wrist band under my garmin and it really made it a lot less annoying.


Vanessa said...

Looks like a solid plan. Have a great week!

Fatinah said...

you're going to kick butt this week! active lifestyle - wooohooooo!

Jen said...

That plan sounds TOTALLY possible!!!

I love how you fit everything in!!!

(Good luck on the performance!)

P.O.M. said...

It's so fun to have the bf run with you. The Cap used to do that, but he would complain that he was tired and his butt hurt. I was like, "yo, I'm the one running here and you don't hear me complaining!"

Sheryl said...

I read your blog last summer religiously then got busy with work. Now, laid off, I got a chance to catch up. I love how organized you are with eating and exercise! Very inspiring. Also, great news about your new job...I'm a writer/editor...whatever it is you're doing ;)
I will be reading more regularly again. (I am starting WW's Simply Filling Technique tomorrow.)


fittingbackin said...

Love that you have a plan and that Friday is a big fat maybe! I hear that! I need to set up my schedule for this week!