Monday, May 11, 2009

monday list

1) it's lunchtime munch time. i just ate a full-fat fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt that expired on May 5. IT WAS STILL GOOD. i brought two yogurts just in case. i hardly ever eat full-fat yogurt. actually the tub says 2.5% milk fat which is hardly full fat. still, it was very creamy and delicious. fruit-on-the-bottom is bad for you because it's loaded with sugar but what do i care? i don't.

2) i've thought about it and decided that raspberries are my favourite fruit. they are just so damn good. i like them fresh, frozen, thawed, hot, cold, sour, sweet - gimme gimme gimme. i even like them at the bottom of my full-fat fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt.

3) on saturday i took my new garmin out for a spin and it was the GREATEST THING EVER! except it's very large on my wrist - my only complaint. i had already set up the hrm part but didn't load the satellites until saturday. load the satellites? i never thought i'd be typing those words... what a geek. anyway - i had a great run. some of it was rainy but i was so into tracking my speed and pace and distance that it didn't matter. my bf leant me this super old megadeth hat so the drops wouldn't hit my face. i bet i looked really hardcore - running in the rain (hardcore) AND wearing a megadeth hat (extra hardcore).
4) i am going to run tonight after work by the lake unless i am exhausted. i got 5.5 hours of sleep last night and waking up this morning was BRUTAL.

5) i have to get to sleep early tonight because tomorrow night i am going to a bachelorette party. i don't think it will go too late and i don't think there will be much drinking involved HOWEVER i need stamina.

6) eating was NOT good this weekend. candy, a burger, fries TWICE, late night pizza ... ugh.

7) long weekend coming up - HOORAY!

8) thank you all for the nice comments on my hair. i am really digging it :)


Anonymous said...

I'm late on the hair - but I love it! HOT!

I just grabbed a yogurt this morning from my fridge - it expired Ma 5 so I threw it away :( I shouldn't have checked the date (or I should have just eaten it anyway!)

P.O.M. said...

Oh the Garmin is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy. It takes a bit getting used to because of it's size. It's even given me a blister on my bony wrist. Someone suggested wearing it over a wrist band. Never tried that, but thought I'd share along the suggestion.

Tiffa said...

I got my Garmin last week and I LOVE IT! It's an excellent training tool! Again, it looks humongo on my wrist... the 405s are more sleek, but I'm too cheap :P hehe.

Rachel said...

Hehe, I just stumbled across your blog and definitely chuckled aloud at the image of the Megadeath hat. Love it!

Anonymous said...

someone is having a bachelorette partay on a tuesday night?

Lainey said...

Can you swim with a Garmin? I keep hearing about them but I don't know what they are.

*Off to look it up*

Erin said...

I love my Garmin - but I am still getting used to the hugeness!

Amanda said...

I don't even bother with low-fat yogurt. Full-fat is where it's at. If I'm going to eat yogurt, I want it to be tasty.

And raspberries are my favourite too. They're so wonderful. I actually squealed with delight in the grocery store when I saw that they were cheap this week!

Fatinah said...

full on fat yogurt.... you're a wild woman!!!

Crystal said...

Ha! I do the same thing with my yogurt and other dairy products. It's fun to tempt fate now and then. Gotta love the Garmin, right? It is bulky at first but after a while you won't even notice it anymore. I have the same one and love it!