Thursday, May 21, 2009

i stink

wow. i stink for real. i am sitting here typing and can hardly stand the smell of myself. i just went running and my hair is really wet. i bought new running clothes. they are ugly but they wick away the sweat and supposedly keep me cool. today was hot and i felt okay so maybe just maybe they work.

so yoga jeans - come on people, i posted about them here. i am definitely getting another pair. now they have them in high rise too, sweeeeet. need not want, need not want. they are so comfortable it is ridiculous. and they are nice and dark. and you can put them in the dryer and they will always fit you because they stretch and mold to your body without feeling tight or like they are digging into your muffin top. i hate that feeling.

i have been really good this week. for some reason my body responds really well to laying off starchy carbs. did you know that fitness competitors go off carbs completely to reduce their body fat before a competition? trust me, it's true. i am already about five pounds lighter than i was on tuesday morning. i know, it's wacky. and i'm aware it's water weight but the bloat is gone. i am still above my comfort zone but by tomorrow morning i might be less than a pound away and as we all know, less than a pound really means zero.

my mom said i shouldn't worry so much about what i weigh ... that is a far cry from what she used to tell me when i was chubbier in high school and university. you know, the "do you think you should be eating that?" looks. i thought you ate six hours ago! what are you doing back in the kitchen!!!? just kidding ... or am i?

i think i have to be focused on the scale because if i don't check in, i eat too much (what i think is normalish) and it gets out of control and then i feel bad about myself because 1/2 my pants don't fit (thank you yoga jeans for always fitting). i am just not one of those girls who can put the scale away. the scale is my buddy. actually we are more like frenemies haha but i'm not ready to say goodbye yet.

is the scale your friend? and i'm not talking about numbers here. do you need it? without checking in, will you unknowingly gain and face a horrible shock when you finally do step on? duh duh duhhhhhhhhh!

i hope this post isn't too crazy. i am all out of it from a)running and b) my horrid smell. pee-you.


Amanda said...

I definitely need the scale. I may not check in every week, but I need to know that it's there and that I can when I need to. Also, I've learned that, if I'm avoiding the scale, then I'm obviously being stupid and not taking care of myself and am afraid of the results.

Dude, the high-waisted yoga jeans are kinda wrong. I tried them on Saturday. They were just...wrong. Might just be me though.

Lainey said...

I like my scale. I think it helps me. And I like to weigh myself every day, which is why I tend to ignore people who tell me I shouldn't do that. I don't understand the "fear" of the scale that some people seem to have. I say, if you want to get on it, get on it. Don't torture yourself about it, and make it into "forbidden fruit."

I could go on and on. I am pretty sure this ties in somehow with my rant about normal weights being thought of as "too low." I don't know how, but I'm sure it does.

Sarah said...

I'm totally the same way - if I don't check in with the scale often I creep creep creep up, and then I get angry at myself. I've been really bad and haven't weighed myself in forever.. I'm too scared now!! Eek!

Fatinah said...

even though I think about how much I weigh, I don't know, every minute of every day just about, I actually often forget to weigh myself. That could explain a lot I suppose.....

Bi0nicw0man said...

I'm one of the lucky few that honestly doesn't much care about the scale. I tend to worry more about it if I know I've been off on vacay or something, but often forget about it week to week.

You soooo need to come shopping with us for the TO GTG. How will I ever find things like yoga jeans without you?!

AshinMT said...

Yes. The scale "keeps me in check" if i dont i will just deny that anything is happening until, low and behold iv put on a good 15 lbs. If im higher in my preferred "range" then i would like to be i try to exercise more and lay off the carbs. I once read that people who weigh themselves somewhat regularly are on average 5 lbs lighter then other people.But dont ask me where i read that, (i dont remember). Hope you have a good weekend!