Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i am a bad blogger. take me to the garage and shoot me! my mom used to say that - i don't know why. i always thought it was really funny until just now when i thought of it literally and literally it's not funny at all. wow, emo! it's still funny if not taken literally. i can still take a joke ... i hope.

things have been really busy. last thursday i was out of the house from 7:15am (when i leave for work) until 11pm. i went to work, went running at lunch, went to the library after work, to a group meeting, then to see the dears with my boyfriend. long but pleasant day. on friday i came home after work and napped, woke up to eat and watch a bit of tv, then back to sleep at 11. i am battling this throat illness now. what is up with me contracting all of these sicknesses lately? thankfully it's not swine flu. oink oink! i can deal with the throat - it's sinus problems that are killer. head stuffed up = can't think = can't work but still have to work! look - here we are on thursday at the concert in the pouring rain - the radio station was taking pictures of people with neat umbrellas. mine is a monet - my mom gave it to me for easter ... thanks mom!

yesterday we went to see franz ferninand and i didn't get home until midnight. i had a nap before the show but still. it's concert city lately =D spring is here and so is the music.

i went for a run today at lunchtime. work is over but i'm still hanging around. i'm meeting my mom and sister at swiss chalet for dinner and then meeting some girlfriends at the movies here in the burbs. we are going to see ghosts of girlfriends past.

running is going well. today i am monitoring my calorie burn a la shirls. i am tracking it on my HRM from 7am this morning until about 11pm tonight - that's probably when i'll go to sleep. i will share the results tomorrow but can tell you right now that it pains me how low it is.

i forgot to share the big news with you all. are you ready? really? ok here it is. 1/2 scoop of protein powder in the oatmeal is tastier than one full scoop, but not as tasty as ZERO scoops, hehe. i do like protein powder mixed with fat free plain or vanilla yogurt though - yum. i had some today for lunch with raspberries mixed in.

i better get going! i am going to canadian tire to buy myself this zero-gravity chair for summer reading on my balcony. i was also going to buy this breadmaker because it's 45% off but changed my mind. i will never bake my own bread. i've used my rice cooker ONCE and my crock pot ZERO times. these are things i'm sure i'll use when i have a family, but i don't need more stuff collecting dust in my tiny condo. the end. thank you and goodnight.


Jen said...

Wow! Your hair is getting long hey??? that's cute that they snapped your picture for having a wonderful umbrella!!

I have heard that movie (Ghosts of Girlfriends past) is cute!!! I hope you like it!!!

I really want to try the HRM thing too!!!

SeaBreeze said...

I love the advice about the protein powder in the yogurt, I'm going to try that for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks!

Lainey said...

Which one are you in the picture?

I love my breadmaker. I use it more for pizza dough, and it's fantastic. I wasn't sure I'd use it so much, but I use it every week. I had people tell me that I'd use it a lot at first, but then never use it again, but it went the opposite way with me (I didn't use it too much at first, but now I use it all the time).

I never use my crockpot. Nothing turns out good in it.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Fancy appliances and I don't get along. I buy bread...the bakeries have actual bakers that make it just right! :) My crock pot has been in the garage since we moved in. And my Kitchen Aide mixer looks really pretty on the top shelf. :)

Thank YOU and goodnight.

Shirls said...

I really don't think your a bad blogger, I'm just stumped at trying to think when you would blog in that schedule of yours ;0)

I'm really interested to read about what your HRM comes up with