Friday, October 30, 2009

oh ... hello

happy halloween!

i know i haven't posted in a while. i'm not going to lie to you or give you lame excuses as to why. the truth shall be revealed to you below:

1. i couldn't really be bothered to post.

2. i'm setting up a new blog (more publique) in wordpress and damn, gina! that place is confusing. i made a custom header and OF COURSE it only works with one theme. i just don't find the themes very customizable the way they are in blogger. so far it's wasted a lot of my time and mental sanity. my custom header is very cute thought ... worth the wait (yep!).

3. i've been sick. pretty darn sick. i went swimming on friday and was feeling a bit under the weather. i went to a tea party on saturday and came home full blown sick. i took monday off of work. i feel much better now but my coughs would still scare children and old people. i can't even describe the sounds i'm making.

4. i didn't exercise from last friday until last night, so i didn't really have much to talk about.

/end list

last night i went to pick up part of my halloween costume from my mom at her office in my hometown. she asked me to walk over and get her something from starbucks and on the way i passed a running store that was liquidating everything at 50% off ... WHOA!

i got some craft brand running pants regular $100
and a zoom cold weather running jacket regular $200
and a fleece headband regular $24.99

want to know what i paid?

$111 all together!

i love getting a bargain - it really is one of the greatest thrills in life. and running clothes are SO expensive - unfortunately they are necessary for high-quality sweat wicking bla bla bla etc. unfortunately they didn't have my shoes but i still left extremely satisfied.

so satisfied i went for a 3-mile run last night in my new pants that have some reflective strips on them. whee!


Jenn said...

Please please please help a fellow torontonian out and share what store the sale is at -- would love to pick up some cold weather gear but haven't seen anything on sale! And Don't want to wait until spring!

H-woman said...

Bargain running gear?! Sign me up!!

H =)

eurydice said...

Jenn -

The Long Run Ltd.
257 Queen Street S
Streetsville, Ontario

Jen said...

I had a few start up issues with wordpress as well, and it was DEFINITELY about the templates!!! However, I really like how it all turned out in the end!!!

I can't wait to see it!!!!!

AND I would like to see your halloween costume!!!!

Lainey said...

Did you have swine flu?

That's awesome about the sale!

Shirls said...

sweet shopping girl!! the sick part though not so sweet, I hope it gets better and quick.