Tuesday, October 13, 2009

happy thanksgiving

this past weekend was canadian thanksgiving. i only had one dinner to attend (my bf's family's dinner) because my own family is visiting relatives in winterpeg, manitoba. so i did have a big dinner one night (with two slices of cake - not pie - for dessert) but it's over and a) i have no leftovers and b) i don't feel like my pants are any tighter than they were on friday, haha. i am actually kind of sad that i don't have leftovers. normally when my mom makes thanksgiving dinner, i am sent home with a giant bag of white turkey meat, green beans, leftover mashed turnip, etc. yummmmmmmm. i usually peel the turnips so i feel like i deserve them! ;) the idea to buy a turkey myself and cook it actually crossed my mind. of course i am not going to do that. i don't even have the proper kitchen equipment to make a turkey (a big pan) and i really don't need all of that meat considering i hardly ever eat meat when i'm alone. (no reason, just cuz.)

i had a couple of good runs on the weekend - one on saturday and one yesterday (monday). both were four miles. i LOVE running on days when i don't have to work. it really is so enjoyable to wake up, eat a little something and hit the pavement. and i LOVE running in this cooler weather. i think this winter i might try running outdoors. i will have to buy a few things to stay warm, but it's probably worth it. does anyone have any tips (layering, brands to buy, how to keep your mp3 player from freezing) for me?

this is also my last week of half-marathon recovery from my online training plan. here is the plan:

monday: 40 minutes running (complete!)
tuesday: 40 minutes cross-training
wednesday: rest
thursday: 40 minutes running
friday: 30 minutes cross-training
saturday: 5 miles running
sunday: rest

do-able? i think so. i might switch tonight's cross-training (probably swimming) and my rest day tomorrow, since tonight i have book club. i also want to start doing weight training but i feel like i have to go into the gym with a plan instead of flopping from machine to machine.

AND finally - i have some very exciting news to share with everyone - but it has to remain under wraps for now. it's more professional than personal, but it's something i've wanted to start doing for a long time. stay tuned!


Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Ooooh, way to leave us hanging! Can't wait to hear your big news :D

Jenn said...

I run outside all winter in Toronto! It's so much fun! My favourite item is my balaclava which makes me feel like a ninja. Hopefully won't have to bring that out for awhile!
Let me know if you have specific qs - would be happy to let you know my experience :)

Tiffa said...

I run outside in Northern Alberta for 90% of the winter (I treadmill it when colder than -30!). I have a merino wool base layer that keeps me cozy when it's -20 and colder... definetly a worthwhile investment if it gets cold like that in the T dot. Really you will have to experiment to see what works best for you under different temperatures. I read somewhere that you should feel slightly cold when first starting as you will warm up as you run. (but not teeth-shattering cold in the beginning!).

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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