Friday, September 25, 2009


i am under a lot of pressure at work, which is why my posting is a little ... um ... sparse. it's good pressure though. nothing i can't handle - just lots (tons) of work to do. and i love it, of course, because everything i do is health-fitness-food related. here's what's happening lately!

1. yesterday was my bf's birthday. i got him some awesome presents and the best one is laser teeth whitening - wahhooo! i am getting it done too. we are going on saturday. my teeth are pretty white but my goal is to blind people with my flashy smile. i want that cartoon sparkle to appear on my teeth - like guy smiley from sesame street.

2. i have decided to start a new blog, but not yet. i am too busy right now and of course i have to think of a name and "theme" and whatnot. i like the word whatnot, don't you?

3. last night i ran three miles in the dark. it wasn't that late but it was around 7:45-8:30. there are a lot of shadies in my neighborhood. i don't feel threatened by them but that saying is true - the weirdos really do come out at night hehe.

4. i have one run left before the really big shoe. it's saturday and two miles long. it's actually "20 minutes" but i basically run a 10-minute mile, on average. i also have to pick up my race kit. i can do it today after work or tomorrow during the day. i was going to do it today after work but i think i'm going to choose a nap instead.

5. today is my mom's birthday. i don't know how old she is. for some reason i can never remember the ages of my parents. i bought her a nice shirt and will bring it to her at lunch. i am on a mission to get her wearing more "snazzy" clothes. for christmas last year i got her this awesome jacket and she was the talk of all of her friends. awesome!

happy weekend. tune in for a race-recap next week!


cinemarie said...

Good luck for the race on Sunday! I'm sure you'll do SUPER GREAT! The best advice I was given for races is - don't go too fast at first, pick up the pace later... Eeeeeeee, can't wait to read all about it!:)

Pressure at work is tough - I definitely can relate to that! Don't worry, one thing at a time, it'll all get done :) You don't sound too stressed about it though - chapeau! keep that up! :)

Looking forward to hear about your new blog! You are so much fun to read! :)

Amanda said...

Apparently the weirdos are worse in the suburbs. A friend of mine recently bought a house uptown. She used to live right across from CAMH. She said that she's more scared walking alone at night now than she was for years downtown. Suburb weirdos are apparently creepier.

I will definitely be attending tonight. I'll keep an eye out for you! If you see a super short redhead in black yoga jeans and a black off the shoulder top, it is more than likely me. And I'll be hanging around the Mother Murder peeps.

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Good luck at the really big shoe!! I can't beleive it's time already. You'll rock it.

Lainey said...

Ha ha! I've been on a mission for a couple of years to get my mom to dress nicer. My brother, too.

It's a long, slow process.

Jen said...

I had my teeth whitened last year and they got me to zero (the whitest you can possibly go). They really only stayed THAT white for a couple of days, but they were TOO white!!!

If you are doing zoom though, they should give you touch up gel that you do once a year...I ALWAYS get told I have nice white teeth (though I do have veneers on the front 4)