Wednesday, September 2, 2009

am i boring you?

thank you for your comments and encouragement on my last post. i have been stretching after each run but it looks like i need to do MORE STRETCHING. stretching is my favorite part of any workout so i welcome it. anything that involves relaxing moves that feel good instead of sweating profusely and being out of breath works for me!

here are some stretches i think will work for me.

numero uno: the IT band standing stretch.

numero dos: the IT band stretch for flexibility and knee pain. i actually already do this one. dammit! just kidding - it means i know a little something something and should do it more often.

number three (my spanish is basic): the lying piriformis stretch. i already do this one too. my bum pain is a direct result of my piriformis aka big butt muscle.

it seems like i already have a good idea of how to stretch - maybe i need to do it for longer or more often. every day seems like a daunting task!

on friday (i have the day off) i have a 10 mile run planned. i know a lot of people like racing and training for races, but so far, i don't. i have made a point of living as laid-back and stress-free as possible about most things in my life, and training is just creating a lot of worry and stress for me. can i finish this run? will i hurt myself? will my knees hurt? do i time to fit in all of my training runs? yada yada yada! i think i will like the feeling of accomplishing a race and proudly displaying a medal, but i'll be happy to go back to running for enjoyment. right now it feels like a chore and that is not a good thing! i just want to do three or four runs a week and only three to five (or maybe six if i'm feeling crrrazy that day) miles a run. also, all i write about lately is running which may be boring for readers. is it? boring? am i boring you?

anyway i have bought a bottle of G2 grape flavored gatorade, and jelly belly sports beans AND clif shots. "they" say you have to try everything you may have on race day before the race, so i am going to try the clif shots on friday and the beans next week on my 8-mile run.

one final question for runners: my longest training run is 10 miles and the race is 13 point something miles. how does that work!?!?!?! how can i spontaneously run three more miles than my longest training run? HUH?


Randi said...

I'm not sure how you can all of a sudden run further than you trained but there is a science behind it. I guess the actual race will not be the same as a training run, you'll have adrenaline and so on urging you on. My longest training run was maybe 8K and then I ran a 10K. Yes it was harder than the training, but not horribly so. Plus for your training, you've never run 10 miles before, and yet you can all of a sudden do it. Same thing?

I don't think that the running talk is boring. But I do understand about the difference between "training" and just "running". It was SO freeing to be done my races. Yet I did like them, and felt really accomplished and proud for finishing them. It was nice to just run at whatever pace I wanted for however long I wanted. But I think without the training, I wouldn't have found that so enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

You are not boring me at all! I am new to this running thing and need to learn as much as possible!

Jen said...

I definitely need to stretch more!!! I am not a runner but I SHOULD be stretching more when I am working out!!!

Why does running fuel have to sound so tasty/fun???

Fatinah said...

I don't know how it works, but it does! I personally think it is the rush that comes with being in the race. One thing I will advise is to pace yourself! It is easy to get carried away at the start.

When I ran the half, the furthest I had run before the race was only 12k. Turns out I find doing a whole bunch of long runs really boring so I stopped. Just worked on shorter runs and concentrated on my time. I was still able to finish the race.

I think you will be more than prepared and will likely see a nice time for all your hard work.

Sorry - but I don't find running posts boring either!!

fittingbackin said...

Thanks for the stretches, girl! I, on the other hand, never stretch and it makes me feel guilty.... these will be my first stretches - thanks!! And know that I know nothing about running or i'd be totally trying to help. :)

Crystal said...

It's the adreneline honey. You'll be amazed at how far that can take you, especially those last few miles.

smellyshelley said...

Adrenaline, you will be fine. i did it, and I'm way older than you.

Cara said...

Wow I am impressed with you!! 10 miles is crazy! But awesome. I hope it gets less stressful for you soon. :-)