Wednesday, August 26, 2009

no more shredding

what a busy week this has been. working, other activities at night, 1/2 marathon training ... life is exhausting. i could go to bed earlier but i just hate going to bed early. once a week i'll crash around 9:30 or so but usually i try to be in bed at 10:30 and sleeping by 11 or 11:30 at the very latest (i read at night) but it's still not enough. anyhoo...

last night i was going to run 4 miles but decided to stop after 3. why? it was so hot outside and my legs felt like lead. running was brutal! i thought about why this might be happening. hmmmmm. deep thinking time. 1. the heat obviously is a factor although i was wearing my fuel belt and i have run in hotter temps before with no problems. 2. lack of sleep - this does affect one's ability to work out. 3. jillian michael's 30 day shred. bingo! i did this on monday after work and my legs (especially my inner thighs and bottom) were still sore. good for working muscles - not good for running. i remembered that earlier this week angela from oh she glowsmentioned she was doing the shred and running at the same time and that is what caused her injury - overtraining!

i decided NO MORE SHREDDING until the 1/2 marathon is over. it's on september 27 so i think i'm going to make october the month of the shred and push it hardcore! maybe i'll take measurements and photographs. actually photographs are unlikely LOL.

here is some more random stuffs:

1) i should go swimming tonight but i'm a lazy bumhoolio. my goggles broke on the weekend and i got a new pair yesterday so i have no excuses. i am also going to THE EX tonight which should be F-U-N. i can walk there in 5 minutes too so it's extra cool.

2) on friday i have the day off from work because i am going to a wedding. in the day. on a friday. i think that's strange but i'm not an expert on wedding days or anything. the wedding is early afternoon and the reception is at dinnertime in different cities. i thought it was all at night because it's on a friday so i was mistaken. i was going to do my "long run" on friday morning but now maybe i should push it to saturday ... i'll make the decision based on what time i naturally wake up on friday.

3) i feel kind of bad because my bf's b-day is in september and he was all set to announce his party unless i did some head-math and realized it would be the day before my 1/2 marathon. i cannot attend a party on that day ... that would be utter madness. and he can't have a party without me ... RIGHT!?

4) i ordered a vegan for "singles" cookbook from amazon. i don't like cooking from cookbooks because i hate having a thousand portions of one dish - i'll let you know what i think of it when it arrives and i start the fun.

5) bread doesn't go stale in the freezer, right? let's say i bought some bread products that were 50% off because they were going to expire in the next few days. and then i put them in my freezer right away - that's fine right? my mom said, "i didn't think you were that poor that you had to purchase stale bread." it's not stale ... right? dammit! i just love getting a deal!

6) today i bought some jelly belly sport beans and clif shots for my over an hour long runs. i think 8 miles and up i'll be taking these. i have one 10 mile run (GULP) and one 8 mile run before the race. does anyone have experience with these?


Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Laying off the shred is probably a good idea! :) Wouldn't want you to get injured and mess up your 1/2 marathon plans.

Randi said...

I have no experience with it, but I heard you need the extra fuel and electrolytes anytime you exercise (hard) for more than 1 hour. I have no experience because I've never gone longer than an hour!

Sam Made said...

The bread should be fine in the freezer, as long as you're only taking the amount you're going to eat right away out at a time. I always do that. Besides, I find that the less processed the bread is (I like mine grainy) the faster it gets moldy. And no one likes a moldy loaf of bread (except maybe mold).

Anonymous said...

Bread can get "freezer burn" which is like frozen bread's version of going stale. I don't know whether being near its best-before date accelerates that process, or whether it's a matter of how long the bread's been in the freezer. Let us know!

fittingbackin said...

Sounds like a really smart decision - no more shredding! And of course he can't have a party without YOU - nor would he want to - crazy talk!

Fatinah said...

I freeze near expiration date bread all the time and it has always been fine.

Anonymous said...

I freeze my bread cause I can't eat a whole loaf by myself before it goes bad. I currently have 3 or 4 bags with like2 pieces each .... would be good for sutffing.... hmm.

I am running a half on Sept 27th as well - in Saint John. I always carry food with me if i am running over an hour. i get hungry and it's hard to run when that's all you think about. i also have two small bottles on my fuel belt so i put water in one and G2 in the other - added electrolytes. You just need to do some trial and error and find out what works best for you. Do it now so you know for your race! Happy running.


Randi said...

RYC: I can invite you, but I need your email address. Send it to me:

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